Shipping Rates | Oz Snow Gear
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Shipping rates

Select shipping items below + base rate to AU ($39) $29 (2018 Pre season) = Shipping Total

Snowboard shippingOptionPrice
Snowboard shipping

Ship 1x snowboard from the US

Snowboard bindings shipping

Ship 1x snowboard bindings from the US

Please note: original boxes are removed
and repacked into smaller ones.

Snowboard boots shipping

Ship 1x snowboard boots from the US.

Please note: original boxes are removed
and repacked into smaller ones.

Snowboard setup shipping

Ship a setup from the US. Includes:

  • 1x board (anysize)
  • 1x bindings
  • 1x boots.


Boxes are repacked into smaller ones.

Ski shippingOptionPrice
Skis (only) shipping

Ship 1x pair skis from the US
** Excluding bindings

Ski bindings shipping

Ship 1x ski bindings from the US

Ski poles shipping

Ship 1x pair ski poles from the US

Ski boots shipping

Ship 1x ski boots from the US

Please note: original boxes are removed
and repacked into smaller ones.

Ski setup shipping

Ship a setup from the US. Includes:

  • 1x skis (any size)
  • 1x bindings
  • 1x boots
  • 1x poles.

Boxes are repacked into smaller ones.

Outerwear shippingOptionPrice
Jacket shipping

Ship 1x snow jacket from the US

Pants shipping

Ship 1x snow pants from the US

Gloves shipping

Ship 1x pair of gloves from the US

Outerwear set shipping

Ship a set with 1x jacket, pants and gloves from the US

Clothing shippingOptionPrice
Hoodie shipping

Ship 1x hoodie from the US

Sweatshirt shipping

Ship 1x sweatshirt or crewneck from the US

Mid/Baselayer shipping

Ship 1x mid or baselayers from the US

Headwear shipping

Ship 1x beanie, cap or hat from the US

Face/Neckwear shipping

Ship 1x facemask, neckwarmer or balaclava from the US

Socks shipping

Ship 1x pair socks from the US

Goggles shippingOptionPrice
Goggles shipping

Ship 1x goggles from the US

Goggle lens shipping

Ship 1x goggle lens from the US

Goggle case shipping

Ship 1x goggle lens from the US

Protective gear shippingOptionPrice
Helmet shipping

Ship 1x helmet from the US

Impact shorts shippping

Ship 1x pair of impact shorts from the US

Body armor shipping

Ship 1x body armor top from the US

Wrist guards shipping

Ship 1x pair of wrist guards from the US

Accessories shippingOptionPrice
Backpack shipping

Ship 1x backpack from the US

Snowboard bag shipping

Ship 1x snowboard bag from the US

  • No wheels – includes sacks and sleeves
  • Wheels (small) – bags that can only take 1x board
  • Wheels (large) – bags that can take multiple boards
Other shippingOptionPrice
Other shipping

Shipping an item not listed? Select this option and we’ll get back with an exact price. Prices listed are only approximate.

 Shipping ItemPriceTotal
Sub Total$0.00
Base Rate$39.00
Shipping Total$0.00 AUD
Can I ship items not listed above?

Yes you can ship other items not listed. Contact us for a quote at


We can also ship non-snow gear such as sneakers, clothing cosmetics etc.

How many items can I ship?

You can ship as many items as you wish, however packages exceeding $1000AUD is subject to import duties and tax by Australian Customs (payable upon delivery).

What's the base rate?

The base rate is the initial cost of shipping. We treat it separately so people can customise their order and ship items of different sizes and weights.

Are the prices fixed/flat rate?

Unlike other forwarders, our shipping rates are based on the actual item. So if you want to ship 1x snowboard it will cost $79 + $39(base rate) = $118AUD. No more, no less. Simple.


No more estimating weights or calculating dimensional weights. More importantly no more bill shock. When you ship with Oz Snow Gear you know exactly how much shipping will be upfront.

What currency are the prices listed in?

Prices listed are in Australian Dollars ($AUD).

Oz Snow Gear can ship snowboards, snow gears, ski boots, stocks, gloves, helmets, beanies, bags, and much more at the most affordable rates! We are committed to offer fastest and smartest shipping services from USA. You can enjoy our reliable and convenient delivery services.