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Returns policy

Exchange, refunds & warranty questions

I changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

If we have the item waiting at our US shipping address. we can process a refund back to the seller. It will cost $15 per order + return shipping costs.

If we have already shipped the item to you, we cannot provide a refund on the shipping costs. You can return the item directly to the seller, however return shipping costs must be paid by you.

I received the wrong size, model or colour.

If the seller sent you the wrong item, please contact them immediately and notify them of the situation.

The seller may offer you a partial refund, a discount on another item or a full refund. However you are responsible for any return shipping costs.

If the item of clothing does not fit as intended you can send it back to the seller for a full refund at your own expense.

We are unable to provide any refunds on shipping amounts paid.

I received a faulty product

The gear you purchased should be covered by warranty against defects and workmanship. It is recommended you check the manufacturer’s website for information on their individual warranty policy. The decision on all warranty claims is at the discretion of the manufacturer. All warranty claims are to be directed to the manufacturer or the store you purchased it from. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

We (Oz Snow Gear) are only a shipping company and play no part in the manufacture of goods. As such, we are not a position to be held liable or accountable for any defects and workmanship.

My items were damaged in transit.

If you selected shipping insurance and your items were damaged in transit, you may be entitled to compensation by DHL or FedEx.

All insurance claims are to be directed to DHL or FedEx and will be assessed according to their claims policy.

If you did not select shipping insurance, your shipment is uninsured and any damages are unrecoverable.

Oz Snow Gear is not liable for any damages caused by the shipping practices of DHL or FedEx.

Can I exchange items purchased?

If you change your mind and wish to exchange items purchased, you must contact the seller to initiate a return/exchange.

Any return shipping costs must be paid by you.

We are unable to provide any refunds on shipping amounts originally paid.

My package came with a free return slip

Unfortunately, the free return slip you received is only valid within the US. It cannot be used to exchange/return items from Australia to US.

You will have to arrange alternate shipping arrangements for exchanges/returns.