About Us - Oz Snow Gear
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About Us

Oz Snow Gear About UsWe are a bunch of regular boarders and skiers who are passionate about the snow. Like most people, we started off hiring gear and as ski trips become more frequent it became increasingly expensive to rent gear.

So we started to look at investing in purchasing gear that we could call our own. However we soon realised that sourcing our own ski and snowboard gear was not cheap either. So we turned to the internet and found heaps of end of season sales and specials.

The problem is we couldn’t find a store that had everything we wanted in the right size or colour and individual shipping of items with the store was super expensive.

This is how our service came alive with the idea of shopping online at multiple US stores and having it conveniently shipped to Australia. You purchase what you want from US stores and we’ll handle the rest.

We take care of all the hassle, packaging, consolidating, export requirements and all the boring stuff.¬†Just order what you want online, then we’ll get it shipped to your home or work.

Save yourself the hassle and find everything you want in the single spot and ship with us!

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